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Spruce Grove Hyundai's certified technicians offer every kind of maintenance and repair. From oil changes to transmission replacements or timing belt changes, we can do it all. Book your service and save 10% with the Go Auto App. Get a free service loaner or shuttle ride.

Why you should service with Spruce Grove Hyundai

Spruce Grove Hyundai is the number one Hyundai Service Centre in Spruce Grove. Our certified technicians are trained with Hyundai Canada, and we use only genuine Hyundai parts. Your service advisor will take care of your servicing needs—whether they're minor or major.

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We sell more than 10 tire brands and have a huge selection of snow, summer, and all-season tires. Plus, get up to $400 in bonus offers when you order.

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Genuine Hyundai parts

Don't use aftermarket, second-hand, or non-Hyundai parts – they wear out quickly and could even damage your vehicle. Order directly with us. 

Spruce Grove Hyundai has factory-trained and certified techs, and a huge inventory of all Hyundai parts.

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It's that time of year again! Order your summer tires today. We offer a two-year tire replacement warranty, no questions asked. Parts and labour are covered on all tires sold.

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Detail packages

*Prices listed are starting from and after Go Card discount.

**Additional charges are dependent on size and condition of vehicles.

  • Exterior wash
  • Complete hand dry of exterior
  • Complete interior vacuum clean all windows inside and out
  • Wipe front dash
  • Instrument cluster and centre console
  • Dress tires
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All components of Deluxe and:

  • General spot shampoo on interior, floor mat shampoo
  • Upgraded power wash of wheels and fenders
  • Vacuuming of trunk and cargo area rubber and vinyl treatment
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All components of premium and:

  • Shampooing and degreasing of engine compartment
  • Complete interior shampoo of seats and carpets
  • Hand wax
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Ultimate+ for vans and trucks

All components of premium and:

  • Shampooing and degreasing of engine compartment
  • Complete interior shampoo of seats and carpets
  • Hand wax
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Service benefits
with Spruce Grove Hyundai

Bring your vehicle to our state-of-the-art service center. We have factory-trained technicians and genuine Hyundai parts, and we service all makes and models. Our Service Center will take care of all your servicing needs - minor or major.

Service loaners & shuttle rides

We offer complimentary loaner vehicles and shuttle rides while your vehicle is being serviced. Make sure that you mention you need a loaner vehicle when you book your service.

Save 10% with every visit

Our signature rewards program, the Go Card, is free to join and saves you at least 10% on every service, parts, and accessory bill. Learn more about how the Go Card program can earn you $500.

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Don't Pay for 12 months

If you need to service your vehicle but don't want to pay just yet, we can postpone payments on service and parts for up to twelve months at almost every Go Auto dealership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often does my Hyundai need an oil change? 

Every 6,000 km is the interval for an oil change, unless you drive above average kilometers. Each Hyundai has different requirements, and not all models require synthetic oil. Please look at your Owner’s Manual for details.  Note that oil and filter changes can be different for each driver, based on driving habits. Check with us for more information.

Do Hyundai cars have high maintenance? 

Hyundai cars are not high maintenance! The CAA reports that our brand is one of the least expensive to maintain.  

What's the difference between a Hyundai full service and major service? 

Hyundai has numbers for its services. Number 1 is an oil and filter change with an inspection of fluid levels, battery, tires, lights, and more. Number 2 adds on to 1 these things: ventilation of the vacuum crankcase hoses, and tire rotation. Service 3 has components checked, adding on servicing of brakes and fuel injector.

Do I have to get my car serviced with Hyundai to keep my warranty? 

We recommend getting your vehicle serviced at Spruce Grove Hyundai. We always have Hyundai-trained technicians who only use genuine Hyundai parts.  When your vehicle is still under warranty, all components under that warranty must be serviced at a licensed Hyundai dealership. This way, the warranty is active.  Components not under warranty or recalls can be maintained by you or at another service location.

Can a late oil change void my warranty? 

Absolutely, a late Hyundai oil change can void your warranty. But worse, it could damage your vehicle. Note too that a late or missed service in your maintenance schedule may void your warranty.

Is a Hyundai service plan worth it? 

Definitely, Hyundai’s Extended Protection is really worth it. Comprehensive protection when your factory warranty expires is available. Hyundai’s Extended Protection is fully backed by Hyundai Auto Canada. Coverage extends across Canada and the continental U.S.  Any work that you need us to do is performed by Hyundai-trained technicians. Discover more at Hyundai Canada.

How long will a full service take? 

It is about two hours for a Hyundai 2 service, depending on what needs to be done. It is only 30 minutes for an oil and filter change.

How long will a major service take? 

A major service for a Hyundai Service 3 is about two or three hours. The actual length will depend on what needs to be done. We can give you an estimate at the time.